2.4 GHz Long Range Radio Module

Output Power (Tx): 10 dBm. Radio Range max: 500 m / 5 km.

Item Number

WE Order-Code: 2603011020001
Former Order-Code: AMB2220

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  • 2.4 GHz frequency band
  • Up to 500 m range line of sight (5000 m with external antenna possible)
  • Best-In-Class RF range
  • Suitable for long distance applications @ low data rates 
  • Robust RF protocol stack
  • Various data transmission modes 
  • Compact dimensions: 17 x 30.8 x 4 mm 
  • Integrated AMBER RF stack with extensive functions
  • Flexible addressing with up to 255 nodes per network 
  • Available on Tape & Reel for SMT assembly 
  • Integrated antenna or RF pad


The AMB2220 is a compact high performance radio data transmission module for wireless half-duplex communication. The integrated microprocessor controls data communication, handling packet and checksum generation, addressing, monitoring of channel access and re-transmission of lost packets. The host system does not have to perform any radio-specific tasks. The embedded software protocol stack supports star and peer-to-peer networks.

The module can be configured in many ways and supports data transfer with fast channel and address switching. An opportunity to assess the quality of the radio link is also provided by using the measured field strength (RSSI value). The graphical user interface of the freely available Windows application “AMBER-ACC” makes it easy to set operating parameters.



The AMB2220 is connected to a host system via the UART interface with bit rates of up to 115.2 kbaud. Other pins are used for data flow control and to switch between operating modes. Using appropriate firmware, the module is also suitable for autonomously recording digital or analogue signals.

Range of Applications

Data collection, monitoring, remote control and sensor networks. Its compact dimensions and low power consumption make the radio module ideal for battery-powered devices.

Automatic Assembly

If ordered in tape & reel packaging, this module is suitable for automatic component placement.

Ordering Information

Item numberDescription
WE Order-Code: 2603011020001
Former Order-Code: AMB2220
Radio Module 2.4 GHz integrated antenna
WE Order-Code: 2603011121001
Former Order-Code: AMB2220-1
Radio Module 2.4 GHz w/ RF pad 
WE Order-Code: 2603019021001
Former Order-Code: AMB2220-EV
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